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Tecnología RFID con softare de Tag Ingenieros para el control de RTLS, DRON RFID
Aerial reading with RFID and GPS positioning makes the ITL Drone an indispensable tool for obtaining data in fields, large areas, or even farmlands..

It allows a simpler start-up as it does not requires any pre-installation or special conditions to its functioning. Its flight system is automatic, easily programmable graphically and unattended thanks to pre-configured flight routines.

Equipped with a reader and a high-performance RFID antenna, it captures RFID tag encodings at more than three meters high and a high precision geo-referencing, wirelessly transmitting the data in real-time.

It incorporates flight functions, automatic stabilization, anti-collisions, battery management, etc. to ensure a safe and automatic flight. The ITL Drone is delivered with all the necessary to put it in flight quickly.

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  • Mission planning with multiple flight option.
  • Automatic take-off, flight and landing.
  • Possibility of integrating a camera with stabilizer.
  • Anti-collision sensor system .
  • Automatic checking of resources before take-off.
  • Radiofrequency data communication.
  • High brightness LED lights.
Tecnología RFID con softare de Tag Ingenieros para el control de RTLS
Tecnología RFID con softare de Tag Ingenieros para el control de RTLS


  • Drone Quad frame 150 H4 o Hexacoptero H6.
  • Propellers: 28-29.5
  • GPS zubax.
  • Payload support: PI CAM, computer on board, RFID antenna, RFID reader.
  • Camera stabilizer.
  • Control transmitter: Turnigy 9xr pro.
  • High brightness LED lights.
  • Weight in vacuum: 4.5 Kgs.
  • Maximum take-off mass: 11 Kg.
  • Flight Controller OTUS C.E.M. HAWK.
  • Sensory:
    • ST Micro L3GD20 de 3-axis de 16 bits gyroscope.
    • ST Micro LSM303D de 3-axis de 14 bits accelerometer / magnetometer.
    • Invensense MPU 6000 de 3-axis acelerometer / gyroscope.
    • MEAS MS5611 barometer.
  • RFID antenna gain:
    • Option 1: 6.6 dBi (ETSI)/7.5 dBi (FCC); 60º/60º angle.
    • Option 2: 10.4dBi (ETSI)/9.6 dBi (FCC); 40º/40º angle.


  • Maximum flight altitude: 122 mts..
  • Normal and maximum operating speed: normal 3 m/s. maximum 8 m/s.
  • Normal and maximum climb speed: normal 2 m/s. maximum 5 m/s.
  • Normal and maximum descent speed: normal 1 m/s. maximum 3 m/s.
  • Limitations related to wind speed an direction. Precipitation, ice formation and maximum operating temperatures:
    • Maximum wind 25 km/h.
    • Stable flight with up to 0.3 l/m2.
    • Maximum flight temperature 45ºC.
    • Minimum flight temperature 2ºC.

Tecnología RFID con softare de Tag Ingenieros para el control de RTLS

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