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RFID Portal

Controlling access and traceability with RFID

The RFID portals get traceability in articles, equipment, vehicles and people that move through the different sectors where there are RFID readers, which allows you to know the last location of each of these, to control the key products and their critical points.

These portals are adapted both in price and performance to the needs of each environment, in addition to being modular they have an easy installation. In warehouse or industrial environments, RFID products help you to know the stock available in real time, and therefore reduce it, and even help you be more agile when it comes to managing large orders, it allows you to reduce human errors and get a quick return of your investment. Being able to control the access of unauthorized people to restricted spaces in hospitals, conventions ... or even know the traceability of high value equipment such as, for example, medical equipment.

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