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RFID Unknown loss

Protecting the value of your store and warehouse with RFID anti-theft and invisible AM ??anti-theft

It has two innovative Unknown Loss Control systems, the RFID anti-theft and the invisible anti-theft AM (Magnetic Acusto), in the first you have some RFID TAGs, which are encoded independently from each other, so that you know the details of that product, while in the Acustomagnetic Anti-Theft the TAG has no coding, so you will not know the details of that product is a more conventional system.

The main advantages of these systems are that they preserve the image of the store and you can even decide the way in which you will be notified of that loss, either by a light and / or sound signal, or by notifying the workers in your devices.

We adapt the anti-theft to all types of dimensions and needs, so the investment is profitable with the image of the store, you will have a quick return on investment thanks to knowing the stolen products or unknown loss.

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