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Tecnología RFID con softare de Tag Ingenieros para el control de RTLS
We integrate positioning technology with powerful software engines that allow precise location of forklifts in stores, vehicles and pallets in fields, containers in ports, people, etc. By integrating RTLS systems, we help to increase staff safety in dangerous work environments or in places where vehicles circulate.

With a low cost in infrastructure, an effective solution is implemented with an important graphical tool that handles sophisticated functions of each item.

The level of precision achieved is really high in fields and large areas where pallets or containers can be stored, and can reach up to 50 cm.

It is based on its own RTLS communication protocol, making it interesting for applications in logistics, especially since it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Automatic location

In stores, we use ID-Truck (mechanization with RFID forklifts developed by TAG Ingenieros) together with RFID technology to locate these vehicles in real-time. This way, we know the location of origin when the truck picks up a pallet, which is read by the system with its RFID antenna, and the destination location when we “see” that the pallet is set down. The movement is done automatically, without user intervention.


Where cranes, trolleys or vehicles of any type transit close to people, the knowledge of the current position of each element can be a warning system in case of imminent danger, avoiding collisions. In addition, the system can be used to plan work orders in real-time. TAG Ingenieros, that already created the SASEP system, combines passive RFID technology with real-time positioning to alert against possible dangers.
Explicción de como Tags RFID ayudan al posicionamiento en tiempo real

Factory resources optimization

The replenishment systems of raw material in the production chain and the collection of semi-finished or finished products are optimized by capturing data from the machines and knowing the exact position of the resources that are demanded at that moment, considering its position.


  • Accuracy up to 50 cm.
  • Indoor and outdoor.
  • Possibility to alert the operator.
  • Management of each resource .
  • Powerful graphic tool .
  • Precise real-time positioning of:
  • Forklifts.
  • People.
  • Pallets.
  • Containers, etc.
Posicionamiento de Tags RFID en tiempo real

Posicionamiento de Tags RFID en tiempo real visto desde un drone

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