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EAS - Invisible AM

Tecnología RFID para un sistema antihurto RFID
The EAS invisible system is a loss prevention system for shops based on acoustical-magnetic technology that is installed imperceptibly in the door frame, preserving the shop’s image unlike traditional systems that obstruct the view and the passage of customers.

It adapts to any type and size of door, it allows covering doors with a large width of passage without having to over-install with equipment or barriers the area of passage and without affecting the system detection performance.

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Items are identified with adhesive tags or with “Hard tags” that are deactivated or decoupled from the garments when they are sold. Otherwise, they will be detected by passing through the coverage area of the system, emitting a volume-adjustable sound alarm.


  • Non-intrusive system.
  • Limited coverage to avoid external readings.
  • Permanent control with minimal visual impact.
  • Adaptable to all kind of doors and dimensions.
  • Incorporated sound alarm, adjustable in volume.
Tecnología RFID para un sistema antihurto RFID en una tienda


Technology Acoustical-magnetic
Working Frequency 58 KHz
Dimensions Adaptable to all dimensions
Operating temperature 0ºC to 45ºC
Consumption 80w
Operating voltage 230V

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