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RFID Inventory cart

Carro Inventario RFID
Designed for store environments, the RFID inventory cart allows making massive item inventories with a high precision and speed in counting.

It is available in autonomous version, to manually push the cart through the store, or in a version that can be attachable to a forklift, in which case it can be charged from the forklift’s own battery.

It can be supplied with an extendable mast to place the antennas at different heights, adapting in height to the characteristics of each store while optimizing inventory times.

By reading special location tags that are place on shelves, the system is able to know the estimated area of the store where each item is located during the inventory.

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Carro Inventario RFID en un almacén


  • Mass inventory in store environments.
  • Fast realization of inventories with high precision.
  • Touch screen for information and interaction with the operator.
  • Version with mast or for transport with forklift.
  • High maneuverability and inertia in driving.
  • Exhaustive knowledge about current stock.
  • Up to 16 hours of operating autonomy.
Carro Inventario RFID con mástil


Protocols GS1/EPCGlobal UHF Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Frequency ranges ETSI (865-868 MHz) y FCC (902-928 MHz)
Antennas polarization Circular
Connectivity Optional Wi-Fi b/g
Measurements : Adaptable to customer needs
Operating temperature 0 to 50ºC
Battery power Autonomous battery functioning or connection to external power supply.
Interaction Incorporated touch screen
Barcode scanner Optional

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