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RFID Smart Fitting Room

La tecnología RFID nos ayuda a saber todos los productos de la tienda, sus colores y tallas
Probador inteligente RFID. The RFID smart fitting room is a system that detects the garments with which the customer gets in the fitting room and interacts with the customer through a screen, showing the following information:

  • Other colors or sizes of the same garment.
  • Other garments that match the chosen ones.
  • Show additional information about the item .
  • Photographs of models wearing it.
  • Allows to remotely request help from the shop assistant.

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This system not only improves the buying experience and the knowledge of the customer, but also increases sales and provides valuable information to the company.

For some time now, in some shops, customers are greeted by an interactive mirror from which they can order a drink, choose the clothes they want and order them to be taken to the fitting room. Once there, if the chosen combination does not convince the customer or needs another size, they can order the new clothes and will also receive personalized suggestions.

What’s more, this experience will be enriched as customers repeat their visits to the shop, since their data are recorded. They also have the option of ordering everything they have tried out to buy it online instead of taking it from the shop at that moment.

Probador RFID Intelignete donde nos muestran prendas que combinen con las que hemos entrado


  • Automatic and simultaneous detection of all items that are in the fitting room.
  • Identification of the buyer if has the brand loyalty card.
  • Real-time purchase assistance:
    • Stocks of sizes and colors of that shop or any other.
    • Requesting help from a shop assistant.
    • Combination of garments proposal.
  • Custom offers.
  • Analysis of the data. Knowledge of the customer's tastes by reading the garments in the fitting room and the purchases made by the customer.


Protocols GS1/EPCGlobal UHF Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Frequency ranges ETSI (865-868 MHz) y FCC (902-928 MHz)
Antennas polarization Circular
Connectivity Ethernet
Operating temperature 0ºC to 50ºC
Battery power 220V

Pantalla del probador RFID Inteligente

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