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ITL Inventories RFID

Maximum efficiency in RFID inventory management

The use of RFID technology in shops greatly facilitates the stock management since it converts a complex and elaborate procedure such as inventories in a simple, quick and precise operation. By increasing the frequency of inventorying, which may happen to weekly or monthly inventories in some cases, a real visibility of stock is obtained.

Using RFID hand-held terminals, we massively obtain the reading of each garment in the shop, without having to move garments, open drawers, look for the tag of each garment, etc.

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La tecnología RFID ayuda a hacer el inventario en una tienda de ropa
La tecnología RFID ayuda a hacer el inventario en un almacén
Having knowledge about the stock is essential to increase sales, guarantee delivery if we had an online shop or improve shopping experience. A product that does not find a customer is an unsold product.

The ITL reporting module is a competitive advantage as it offers valuable information that allows a more efficient stock management in shops, improves the visibility of products, coordinates the orders, identifies unknown losses, etc.


  • Fast realization of inventories, with high precision.
  • Possibility of making total or partial inventories (per families, references, etc.)
  • Functionality of finding and locating items with PDA.
  • Possibility of separating shop inventory from shop store.
  • Exhaustive knowledge about the shop’s current stock.
  • An increase in sales by having a well-stocked shop.
  • Replenishment needs at key points in shop.
  • Information about products that are not sold.
  • Detection and quantification of unknown loss.

La tecnología RFID ayuda a hacer el inventario en una tienda de ropa

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