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Tags RFID ayudan al control del uso correcto de los EPIs
Given the company’s responsibility to monitor the correct use of Individual Protective Equipment, SASEP SAFETY is a solution based on RFID technology that allows an unattended control of the use of EPIs, validates access to restricted areas and increases safety against dangerous machines or moving vehicles.

The system consists of a totem equipped with RFID reading devices, a series of readers placed in the right areas and a touch screen where the user is identified while working. The IPE to be controlled are tagged with RFID tags (vests, helmets, safety boots, uniforms, etc.), assigning to each one a unique coding and associating them with each operator.

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The totem verifies that each user is using the appropriate IPE for each job before validating the start-up of machines or the access to danger zones. Designed for the management and traceability of IPE, the totem also counts the number of uses, providing valuable data for purchasing management and compliance with safety regulations.

The system can also be applied to safety in handling dangerous vehicles: in some cases, the visibility of the operator who manages large vehicles is reduced. This system warns him the moment it finds anyone in its scope so that the operator can react.

Validated by AITEX according to Real Decreto 773/1997, it includes the minimum safety and health requirements for the use of Individual Protective Equipment by workers.
Tecnología RFID ayuda a detectar operarios en la zona de trabajo de una máquia


  • Security in restricted areas, dangerous machines and vehicles.
  • Informs and verifies the necessary IPE to access an area or start up a dangerous machine.
  • Authorizes and registers the access of each operator.
  • Alarm in case of incident by automatically stopping dangerous machinery if necessary.
  • Traceability of each IPE element and its useful life.
  • It allows integration with the PLC of the machine.
  • Self-test operating status and anti-sabotage thanks to its control tags.

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