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Middelware Rfid

TAG Ingenieros’ Middleware RFID is the intermediary software designed to simply integrate the RFID implementation equipment with the computer system for company management. It obtains the readings of RFID tags and processes this information to deliver it to the ERP/SGA system.

Fully configurable from a simple graphical environment, the Middleware allows you to create different profiles for each RFID implementation readers, each with its own power configuration, connectivity, interaction with GPIO ports, parameterization and data sending, etc.

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Middelware RFID muestra de forma ilustrada como actua
It allows scalable implementations thanks to its use licensing system by RFID reader, investing in software as the implementation grows and avoiding initial overinvestments that are not compensated until the most advanced stages of the project are carried out.

The data sending is configurable to be adapted to the characteristics of each application: BBDD writing, files, web service, keyboard simulation, etc. We also provide an API library for cases in which you want to control the Middleware from an own computer application.

It automatically monitors the correct functioning of the readers and the delivery of data and, in case of anomaly, a notification is emitted by its alarm system via email, web service, syslog, etc.

Middelware RFID con software de Tag Ingenieros


  • Simple configuration from graphical environment.
  • It automates the functioning of RFID readers.
  • Scalable implementation by reader licensing system
  • Configurable data flow delivery mode.
  • Operation monitoring and notification by a system of alarms.
  • Easy creation of GPIO rules for the integration of external electrical signals.

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