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Tecnología RFID en una tienda Lacoste
ITL Retail is TAG Ingenieros’ solution for product management in fashion shops chains using RFID technology, allowing complete traceability from factory to the final customer with an overview of the entire Supply Chain almost in real-time.

This solution is modular and can be adapted to all kinds of companies, offering multiple options in the design of its implementation, both for the management of stores (inventories, picking, merchandise movements, expeditions, etc.) and in shops (sales, merchandise reception, unknown loss prevention, stock control, interactive fitting rooms, demonstrators, etc.).

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Tecnología RFID en ITL Retail muestra un gráfico del proceso

In stores

The implementation of this system in stores improves the efficiency and the management capacity of the entire Supply Chain. With a unique coding for each item, the system allows to reduce the costs of the management and improve operating times like expeditions, inventories, etc. At the same time, human errors are drastically reduced.

Tecnología RFID en una tienda de AEROPOSTALE
Tecnología RFID en una tienda de zapatillas

In shops and complementary technologies

In shops, the solution reduces the number of items needed in stock per store, while it optimizes the visibility of products. All this thanks to the speed in the realization of inventories and a better efficiency in store replenishment, achieved through real-time alarms to employees.

RFID sales drastically reduce queues while it produces an increase in sales. Loyalty systems, smart fitting rooms or demonstrators that act as automatic information points improve customers’ experience and beef up the brand image of the production chain.

ITL Retail uses other RFID complementary technologies such as artificial vision or RTLS localization systems to provide services like loyalty systems or customers flow monitoring systems in shops.
Conjunto de Arcos móviles RFID en muelle carga y descarga
Tecnología RFID en el interior de una tienda de Lacoste


  • Identification, Traceability and Asset location in the Retail sector, with unique identification of each item.
  • Integrated with TAG Ingenieros’ RFID reading devices for simple process automation.
  • Efficient management in the Supply Chain using RFID processes for inventory, picking, expedition control, etc.
  • A more exhaustive shop stock control using RFID inventories, receptions in store, etc.
  • A decrease in queues and an increase in shop sales.
  • Greater efficiency in replenishments and exposing items to the customer.
  • A better shopping experience thanks to loyalty systems, smart fitting rooms or demonstrators.
  • Unknown loss prevention.
  • An ergonomic system that is accessible from a web browser, developed for maximum user’s comfort.
  • A system in continuous development and upgradeable according to our licensing system conditions.

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