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ITL Laundry RFID

ITL Laundry® is TAG Ingenieros’ solution for the integral management of traceability in industrial laundries using RFID technology, efficiently solving inventory processes, location, use and knowledge of the lifetime of each item in both collection and distribution processes and in the laundromat integral processes.

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Tag RFID el cual va con la ropa

Procesos de control RFID en una lavandería

Portal RFID de Lavandería
One of the most important elements is the RFID Tag that will be used to identify each piece and that will allow us to know in each process its status and traceability. This identifier is sewn or adhered to the garment, and must be hard and durable (at least about 200 cycles to ensure a fast investment environment).

ITL Laundry® by TAG Ingenieros is a complete RFID traceable system (tags, readers and management devices and software) that is specifically designed for companies such as:

  • Industrial laundry
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant chains/li>
  • Big gyms
  • Residences for the elderly
It is a scalable solution that can be adapted to different company volumes of different activities, offering a view from each node (garments in process, in each customer or department, etc.)

Knowing data such as the lifetime of each item, who it belongs to, who used it the last time, etc. Knowing the real value of the assets in companies is essential to monetize purchases, optimize maintenance and replenishment tasks. With special RFID readers for each case, the verification of each object is really fast and simple. Inventory becomes a task of extreme speed, against traditional systems such as bar-codes.
Mediante los Tags RFID se identifica en que proceso de lavado se encentra una prenda, para clasificarla
Our RFID garment management in laundromats solves:
  • Easy and fast identification.
  • A decrease in management and control costs.
  • Accurate knowledge of the traceability of each piece/item.
  • Location improvement.
  • Assignment to your location.
  • Fast and effective inventories.
  • Real-time data update.
  • Traceability issues.
  • Improved investments.
  • Usage reports of each garment.

RFID industrial laundry management software has the following features, among others: ENTRY CONTROL:
  • Fast entry control, the instant the laundry arrives
  • Proof of the entry of each product

Possibility of sending clean product immediately upon knowing the amount of dirty product. PRODUCTION CONTROL:
  • It facilitates daily planning, knowing the amount of laundry
  • Entrance and exit time control
  • Possibilities of mixing clothes of several customers

  • Updated inventory control: sent products, products of each customer, received products, products being washed and products in the laundry store.
  • Possibilities of making accounts with RFID gun.

  • Issuance of delivery notes
  • Check that everything is correct before expedition
  • Customer’s proof

  • Product usage reports

  • Stock control in customers
  • Wash history per customer/product

Tags RFID en una lavandería funcional

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