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ITL Jewelry RFID

Tecnología RFID en joyería controlando los productos mediante software de Tag Ingenieros

Jewelry chains management with RFID technology. Security and Traceability from the factory to final customer.

ITL Jewelry® is TAG Ingenieros’ solution for the efficient management of jewelry, watchmaking and costume jewelry that individually identifies each piece, obtaining in a simple and effective way the traceability of the products from the origin to the final customer, with an overview of the Supply Chain almost in real-time.

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It drastically improves the times used in operations such as inventories, sending and reception of merchandise, sales, etc. At the same time, it optimizes stocks, reduces management costs and human errors and increases the security of the pieces.

With a specific tag design for sector, each jewel is identified with an RFID TAG of small size and high performance. The traceability of each jewel is assured in real-time, making it possible to obtain any data from it at any time.

Tag RFID con el que se identifican las joyas
Tags RFID en una bandeja de joyas para su identificación
It combines the intelligence of our software modules with the hardware devices required in each case (RFID printers, point-of-sale RFID readers, etc.) as well as devices specifically designed by TAG Ingenieros for jewelry. These devices precisely manage piece movements, inventories and sales in shops:

  • Jewelry reader tray for reading batches.
  • Reader box for jewelry blankets.
  • Inventory rod, for accurate reading in shop windows without moving pieces.
  • Table for the preparation of orders and shipment verification.

ITL Jewelry® uses other RFID complementary technologies such as artificial vision or RTLS localization systems to provide services like loyalty systems or customers flow monitoring systems in shops.


  • Unique identification of each item
  • Total traceability per piece
  • Efficiency in the Supply Chain
  • Exhaustive store stock control
  • It integrates different RFID hardware devices
  • RFID specific tags for jewelry
  • A modular solution adaptable to each company structure
  • RFID fast selling at point of sale
  • Customer loyalty and gift cards
  • It can be integrated with ERP/GSA company system
Tags RFID identifican las joyas que aparecen en el escaparate

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