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ITL Horticulture RFID

Lector RFID en una cadena de producción
In the horticulture sector, operating costs are high and can only be measured by managing large volumes of product. The barcode system, widely used in this sector, has proven to be out of date since the breakthrough of affordable RFID technology that avoids wasting time and eliminates human errors.

By doing the readings automatically and with an extreme precision, there are savings in staff hours. At the same time, it increases the level of confidence of management and commercial department when it comes to agreeing on deliveries.

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The quality control process is much simpler and the system constantly offers the level of product in stock, making it more reliable when planning production.

All TAG Ingenieros solutions can be integrated with ERP/GSA company system, offering a solid and easy-to-implement solution. This way, an accurate product tracking is obtained along the entire Supply Chain..

Sales departments can give confidence to customers when ordering, thanks to the real-time precision of the stock data in each stage: production processes, finished products, pre-delivery cameras, etc.

Lector RFID en la puerta de un almacén
Lectores RFID en los arcos
The system consists of several solutions with different modules so that it adapts to the structure of each company and its requirements, allowing also the installation of the global project in phases:

Container traceability management (boxes, pallets)

  • Identification with a reusable RFID tag.
  • Customer delivery and receipt management.
  • Stocks control.

Product traceability management

  • Entrance identification (field pallet, plastic pallet, etc.)
  • Weighing control on scale.
  • Dump trucks management.
  • Entry and exit reading in cameras.
  • Finished product reading:
    • On the line
    • In pre-cold entrance
    • On cold release
  • Expeditions reading.


  • Stocks management in almost real-time.
  • Continuous and unassisted control of entrances, dumps, camera entrances-exits, expeditions, etc.
  • It integrates different RFID hardware devices: portals, reading points in dumps trucks, reading points in cameras, hand terminals, etc.
  • RFID forklifts movements.
  • High efficiency in each process.
  • Modular solution adaptable to the structure and requirements of each company.
  • It can be integrated with ERP/GSA company system.
Lectores RFID en maquinas

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