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ITL Datasuite RFID

Tags RFID ayudan a la identificación. Trazabilidad y localización de activos mediante software desarrollado por Tag Ingenieros
ITL Data Suite® is the solution created by TAG Ingenieros to obtain in a simple and effective way the Identification, Traceability and assets’ location within the Supply Chain at the same time that allows to have a global vision almost in real-time.

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It can be easily integrated with the Management System of the company, it acquires the necessary information through RFID reading equipment and provides it to the company’s Management System once each process has been solved according to defined parameters. Both systems act together, thus avoiding having two parallel and independent systems.
ITL Data Suite® is a family of products, each one designed for a specific sector or application area (sales, product demonstration, industrial safety, unknown loss control, mobility and interactive marketing), but all are integrated in the same platform. It consists in a modular solution that can be adapted to all types of companies.

Developed on the basis of the latest advances in ICT, the ITL Data Suite® solution is continuously updated, both from the point of view of the system’s utilities, ergonomics and the technology on which it is developed.
ITL Data Suite - Software para controlar RFIDs


  • Identification, Traceability and assets’ location within the Supply Chain where each item has a unique coding.
  • Integrated with our RFID reading devices for simple process automation.
  • Real-time control and vision of the entire value chain.
  • An ergonomic system that is accessible from a web browser, developed for maximum user’s comfort.
  • Using data encryption and coding protocols to provide the best security.
  • Adaptable system according to the characteristics of each customer and application.
  • Designed for an easy integration with any type of Business Management system.
  • A system in continuous development and upgradeable according to our licensing system conditions.

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