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Tecnología RFID en un arco fijo con una carretilla

An increased efficiency in the management of stores with RFID technology

The use of RFID technology in stores greatly facilitates its management since merchandise movements can be done without the need for the user to report the actions, without reading bar codes or informing any other system. Errors disappear in these interventions and the time spent in them is no longer necessary. Automation brings great benefits as it allows an improvement in productivity and a considerable cost reduction.

Traceability of each element is assured by technology like RFID forklifts for pallet movements, RFID bows on the entrances and exits or RFID picking carts.

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In stores, we semi-automatically offer the real-time knowledge of the stock, merchandise movements and the elimination of errors in shipments through our solutions that integrate a specific hardware and powerful specialized software.

We study which vehicles make merchandise movements and design a way to install RFID readers, antennas and sensors. A forklift is turned into an intelligent machine that manages and automatically reports all the pallet movements that occur.

Picking processes are speeded up allowing even the simultaneous preparation of different orders. At the same time, human errors are eliminated by means of instantaneous warnings when an erroneous reference is detected, by the equipment specially designed by TAG Ingenieros for picking in stores..
Tecnología RFID en un Carro Picking funcional
Tecnología RFID en un Arco Movil de un almacén
Supplemented with RFID portals in springs or RFID mobile bows in different points of the store, readings that offer us the traceability of each item are generated. The control of the entrances and exits, without errors and in an effective and economic way, give profitability to this solution.

These data, treated with our ITL Store software, is a powerful management tool as it keeps staff workloads optimized, monetizes store resources and ends up with “bottlenecks”.

Merchandise planning systems are coordinated with customers’ daily demands and their orders. The availability of the product is kept in tune with the customer’s wishes. Real-time data analysis along with RFID tools are the competitive advantage.


  • Real-time stocks and location management
  • Elimination of user errors
  • Entrances with mass reading bows
  • Movements with RFID forklifts
  • Efficient and error-free picking processes
  • Fast inventories with maximum precision
  • Expeditions with RFID portals, RFID bows or RFID tunnels
  • High efficiency in each process
  • Modular solution, adaptable to the structure of each compan
  • It can be integrated with ERP/GSA company system
Tecnología RFID en un Arco Movil de un almacén

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