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RFID Cabinet

Armario RFID de un Hospital Universitario

The RFID Closet is a solution designed for stock control and traceability of high value materials.

It manages the complete traceability of items, linking at each opening the identified operator, to what order the item extraction was associated and which items were extracted. It does an automatic inventory every time the door is closed, generating an internal report. In addition, an on-demand inventory or the current internal stock can be requested.

It incorporates software for managing profiles, users and items, accessible from the closet itself or via web browser, from any computer in the network.

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In implementations with various RFID closets, it is possible to configure one of the closets as a master, functioning as an information server for all other closets and centralizing the management of profiles, users and items. In addition, for implementations that require a large amount of data handling or multiple closets, it is possible to incorporate a high-performance PC panel in the master closet.
Diversos armarios RFID conectados entre si para unificar el stock
Armario RFID conectado a una impresora de RFIDs y a una codificadora de estos


For a complete solution that includes the printing or encoding of RFID smart tags, it is possible to incorporate a software module that allows the master closet to function as a print or encoding server, so that the closet can encode smart tags using an RFID printer or a desktop RFID encoder.

XML Communication

The system allows a transparent integration with the customer’s ERP using XML files that can be absorbed by the customer’s system and that will allow him to import the real-time traceability of each movement carried out in the closet or to use this information to generate minimum stock warnings for certain items.
Armario RFID importando la trazabilidad en tiempo real de cada movimiento realizado


  • Automatic inventory of the items inside.
  • User identification through fingerprints or RFID cards (UHF, NFC or MIFARE), according to customer needs.
  • Integrated 2D barcode reader .
  • Internal web software for managing profiles, users and items.
  • Modular shelves and internal trays system, adaptable to customer needs.
  • Internal backlight to facilitate user visibility.
  • Completo control con visualización de lecturas con PC incorporado
  • Its web services software allows the remote access to the system from any computer of the company.


Protocols GS1/EPCGlobal UHF Gen2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Frequency ranges ETSI (865-868 MHz) y FCC (902-928 MHz)
Antennas polarization Circular
Conectivity 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (Rj45) and optional Wi-Fi
Measurements Standard sizes: 1860x800x600 (high x width x depth)
Double wardrobe: 1860x1600x600 (high x width x deep)
Small cabinet: 930x800x600 (high x width x depth)
Signaling Green and red exterior lights
Screen 12" touch-screen incorporated in door
Information screen Integrated touch-screen
External identification devices 2D barcode reader,biometric fingerprint reader, external RFID reader, NFC or MIFARE (according to customer needs)
Operating temperature 0º to 50º
Humidity 10% to 90% non-condensed

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