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Tag Ingenieros presents the SASEP-SAFETY solution

With SASEP-SAFETY, Tag Ingenieros helps control the use of Individual Protection Equipment through RFID technology

Tag Ingenieros presents ITL Warehouse solution

RFID technology in warehouses to know your stock and facilitate its management.

Tag Ingenieros Consultores SL recognized as an innovative company

September 2016, Tag Ingenieros SL receives recognition as "Innovative SME" by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain

System for the management of collection and level of waste with RFID technology

Tag Engineers facilitates this with the development of their system for collection and waste management. "The efficient city".

Tunnel RFID

Designed to solve massive readings and tag recordings at the bulk level thanks to RFID technology

Experts in RFID Solutions

At Tag Ingenieros we are experts in the use of RFID technology . Our projects enjoy the best prestige at different levels and we have been recently awarded in recognition of our work in this field. For all this, we are considered one of the best innovative companies in Spain .

As leaders in RFID solutions , we apply a careful methodology in the development of our products as well as in the implementation of our projects that are adapted to different business activities, offering each of them specific solutions to their problems.

Our work to turn our clients into RFID companies much more competitive and modern, is based on continued work in the development of our products and also on a careful selection of the personnel who work with us. .

Radio frequency technology - RFID

RFID technology or radio frequency technology, refers to Radio Frequency Identification, or what is the same, radio frequency identification. By means of devices called RFID tags , RFID cards or RFID TAGs, a whole series of data is stored that is interpreted with a reader.

Originally, RFID technology identified the object using radio waves that transmitted a key that was unique to each object. But today, they can hold much more data, depending on the capacity of the rfid cards.

RFID tags or rfid cards are a kind of sticker that adheres to the object and contains small antennas with which they transmit radio frequency waves. They are of different types and also of different capacities.

The receivers can be integrated in arches through which the merchandise passes, they can be in manual devices or they can even be installed in the barriers located at the exits of the establishments, activating as an anti-theft system when an object that is detected leaves as unauthorized or not removed from inventory after being credited at the checkout.

One of the most common uses of these cards with rfid reader is for the control of fixed assets with rfid in companies and / or warehouses.

RFID solutions for all Sectors

The RFID solutions that we propose from Tag Ingenieros and as experts in rfid tagging, are based on integrating the RFID technology to control the industrial tasks of the company. There are many processes that can be accelerated thanks to this technology:

These are the most obvious solutions offered by RFID technology. Thanks to it, many human errors are avoided and much of the time spent in making annotations by hand and carrying out checks and inventory counts is saved.

RFID business applications

We carry out applications for RFID companies in different fields. Our projects can be adapted to the different ways of working of a company depending on the field in which they carry out their activity.

We also adapt our applications to the type of work they do , be it only the reading of tags or coordinating this reading with the rfid inventory tracking assets to keep it updated at all times.

With good inventory control, an optimal asset management throughout the entire life cycle of the same. All procedures related to stock or inventories will be carried out in real time, allowing you to enjoy reliable and permanently updated information at all times.

The savings will be noticed in the administrative work, being able to use the time of these professionals in much more productive tasks for the company without having to carry out mechanical work that can be done directly by the RFID management software .

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