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  • Chain management of fashion stores with RFID technology

    ITL Retail

    ITL Retail is the solution of Tag Ingenieros for the management of product in chains of fashionable stores through RFID technology.


  • Dron equipped with RFID Technology

    ITL Drone

    Aerial reading with RFID and GPS positioning makes it an indispensable tool for obtaining data in large areas.


  • Identification with TAGS RFID


    RFID tags integrate the antenna and chip imperceptibly on the back of a self-adhesive label.


Tag Ingenieros presents the SASEP-SAFETY solution

With SASEP-SAFETY, Tag Ingenieros helps control the use of Individual Protection Equipment through RFID technology

Tag Ingenieros presents ITL Warehouse solution

RFID technology in warehouses to know your stock and facilitate its management.

Tag Ingenieros Consultores SL recognized as an innovative company

September 2016, Tag Ingenieros SL receives recognition as "Innovative SME" by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain

System for the management of collection and level of waste with RFID technology

Tag Engineers facilitates this with the development of their system for collection and waste management. "The efficient city".

Tunnel RFID

Designed to solve massive readings and tag recordings at the bulk level thanks to RFID technology

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